Gero Kohlhaas

Since 2021 spokesman of the german cannabinoid patients network SCM. I was born in 1979. I studied sociology with a Magister Artium degree and worked in the educational and social sector. Being a patient who benefited by using cannabinoids for a long time, as many others I see the urge of fighting for cannabinoid patients rights, against further stigmatisation and oppression by law.

Being a patient not less because of chronic pain, I know that it can be very hard and that not every patient is treated well. Currently for underprivileged people it can be very difficult to get good therapeutic treatment – this is especially for cannabinoid therapy. Wealth, provenance and language for example shouldn't be impeding factors in a modern society, but in Germany they still are.

In Germany, the number of people who derive a therapy with cannabinoids is still insufficient - and so it is worldwide, so there are still many hurdles to take. Many patients in Germany are still underserved and stigmatised – and it is still not clear if patients will benefit from a possible legalisation in the future for example regarding home growing.