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IACM-Bulletin of May 4, 2020


🏷️ IACM — Ensuring continuity of treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic for patients using Cannabis and cannabinoid medicines.

In 2019 the WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence declared that preparations of cannabis have shown therapeutic potential for various medical conditions.

During this pandemic it is imperative we ensure patients who use Cannabis for the management of their medical conditions continue to fully realize their rights, in particular the safe and uninterrupted access to their treatment as required by public health.

The IACM and the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, together with other organisations, have therefore written a communication to the UN Human Rights representatives, expressing concerns, among other things, about the following:

In regard to access we recommend: Medical Cannabis dispensaries be deemed essential services, regulations be implemented to allow and encourage online ordering, curbside and home delivery and provide guidance on standard operating procedures in the face of the pandemic (e. Guidance on handling products, money, credit cards or ID cards, rules for physical distancing, etc.). Traditional medical practitioners and indigenous healers must also be granted recognition as essential services.

In regard to medical practice we recommend: Physician consultation via telemedicine be made available and if possible maintain the same team of caregivers. If not then ensure that the new medical team doesn't discontinue or delay treatment. Expiration dates for existing medical Cannabis documents need to be extended until after the crisis has abated.

The full letter can be found here:

IACM Website

SCC Website