The Alliance for Cannabinoid Medicines

The aim of the International Alliance for Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM) is to advance knowledge on cannabis, cannabinoids, the endocannabinoid system, and related topics especially with regard to their therapeutic potential.

The mission is achieved in particular through the following actions:

  • Support for research into cannabis products and the endocannabinoid system;

  • Promotion of exchange of information between researchers, health care practitioners, patients and the public;

  • Preparation and dissemination of reliable information on the pharmacology, toxicology and therapeutic potential of cannabis and modulators of the endocannabinoid system;

  • Monitoring and documentation of national and international developments with respect to cannabinoid therapeutics;

  • Co-operation with other organisations and associations sharing the mission and goals of the IACM

The IACM declares that it is the right of doctors to be able to discuss the medicinal use of cannabis with their patients.